DEX (TM) - Our First Expedition
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Digital Exploration #1

Historic Mount Wilson - Angeles National Forest

February 19, 1998 - Authoring Begins at 2:30 pm


Founding Dex member Rob Lindstrom sets the plan for the expedition. The group will first be led around the area by guide Don Nicholson to get the lay of the land. The group will then break into 3 digitally equipped teams, armed with a digital video or still camera to explore a theme.

Image shot with a Sony Mavica FD-7


The group tours the 100" Telescope and heads toward Echo Point for inspiration.

Views from all sides of Echo Point, shot with a Sony Mavica FD-7 and a Hitachi MPEG EG1A

The scene is captured directly to digital video using a Sony VX-1000 Digital 3CCD Camcorder by Todd Iorio.

And the group gathers for a picture before breaking into small exploration groups:

The Group Breaks Into 3 Teams:

Dann Filter & Doug Filter

Theme: Digital Lines

Rob Lindstrom & Todd Iorio

Theme: Sound of Light

Phil Merrill & Christine Lusey

Theme: The Seeing

Page Authored on location with an IBM ThinkPad 560 and uploaded to server using a 3com Megahertz 56K cellular modem connected to a Nokia 2160 Digital Cellular Phone set to Analog mode.

A Texas Instruments Extensa 570 laptop computer was used for additional text editing.
More Content from this expedition will be available later today, Thursday, February 19, 1998.