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Seeing more than we can feel. Feeling more than we can see.

Sense of Place

& thanks to Don Nicholson our Guide

The Mt. Wilson Observatory, located just outside Pasadena, California, is one of the most famous observatories in the world. It sits at 5,710 feet above sea level on a narrow ridge. On one side is the vast San Gabriel Wilderness. On the other is the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles. Much of our understanding of the Universe came from research done at this facility, which has a heritage of major contributions dating from the beginning of this century.

The historic observatory and the spectacular natural setting served as inspiration, content and context when, on February 19th, a group of seven Digital ExplorersTM fanned out across the mountaintop capturing sounds and images and interpreting the landscape in our on-the-fly multimedia composition.

We especially want to thank our guide, Don Nicholson of The Mount Wilson Observatory Association, as well as all the folks at MWI. You were all SO HELPFUL! The links at MWOA's home page give a great overview in one place of the many on-line resources available for web-exploration of Mount Wilson. If YOU are feeling generous and would like to say thank you to MWOA too...please send them a check! Don't be shy.

-- live towercam image thanks to UCLA solar scientists --