Red Rock, NVdex

roll call

The Digital Expedition to Red Rock State Park began in the early hours of April 8, 1998.

What we uploaded on location.

The Digital Explorers caravaned from 'the strip' in Las Vegas to meet our guide David Bert at the park perimeter. He led our expedition to a trailhead from which we hiked to a sandstone vista and witnessed the first rays of sun into the valley.

Adjacent Moments of Sunrise

As the sun illuminated the scene our guide pointed out the Agave roasting pits and gave us our bearings. From our lookout the view was incredible, and it took some convincing to get the expedition moving.

Hiking over the sandstone, knowing we were sharing it with people from long ago gave us a profound sense of the unchanging.

Pictographs made by a young indian girl, of the first Mormon visitors to the area, gave us an almost timeless link to the previous inhabitants of Red Rock Canyon.

While the pictographs were essentially drawings on the rock, Red Rock also boasts a group of petroglyphs, images that have been formed into the rock itself.

Seeing these little cartoon-like symbols filled us with curiosity.

What did they mean? What was it like for the indians who made them? They certainly picked a nice spot to do it.

Then we went to the waterfalls above a different nearby trailhead.

As we all relaxed near the water, the walls of rock beside us climbed with their sharp edges high above.

A Collection of Rock Textures

Philip Merrill wrote a personal account called: "Old Turtleface."