Red Rock, NVdex

roll call

Red Rock State Park is located in Nevada, about 40 minutes outside of Las Vegas. Most of the Digital Explorers were amazed that a place so serene and beautiful could be located so close to a major metropolis, yet when the sun came up, there was no doubt.

The incredible rock formations that make up Red Rock are the result of some interesting geological events. Some 20 million years ago some limestone came over the sandtone and some erosion happened and it looks neat now.

A mere 100 thousand years ago native indians called Red Rock their home. We can still find evidence of their presence in the Agave roasting pits which still dot the valley floor. These rings of limestone are a simple reminder of the history of Red Rock.

Red Rock State Park is awe inspiring. Worth a trip by itself, there is no excuse for not visiting when in or around the Las Vegas area.