Anacapa DEXpedition It was our most ambitious DEXpedition yet. DEX and the Hueneme School district launched an expedition to the Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California. You'll find the images we uploaded on the following pages. More will be added as the students edit their images and add their commentary to the site.
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This Expedition made possible through generous assistance from:

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TheLos Angeles Times ran an article about our expedition on 12/14/1998. We will post it here when it's available.

Today we left the Channel Islands Harbor. The boat was called the Sunfish. We saw a lot of sea lions along the way. We also saw a transporter and oil platforms. We took a lot of pictures with digital cameras. We saw the California coastline, and it looked very small from the island. When we approached the island, we saw peaks of rocks, the arch on the east side of the island, California sea lions, many kinds of birds, and a pelican which is an endangered bird.

Written by Julie and Elizabeth
Port Hueneme students
on a handheld PC
while on the island